Frontline – [Abryon]

Abryon is a melodic rapper from the west side of Charlotte, North Carolina that has the potential to blow. His single “Frontline” is a song I’ve been going back to for over a month now and I can’t get over how passionate Abryon’s voice is. The reason people like Rod Wave, Lil Durk, and Youngboy Never Broke Again are so popular is because they actually have content that people can gravitate to. During a brief Q&A with Abryon on his, Instagram live he voiced to me that his writing process is either really lives the things that he’s talking about or it’s stories from what goes on from people around him. What’s also impressive about his sound is that he has a firm grasp on melodies and songwriting, and is able to mix in a street element along with soulful ballads.

Stream Abryon’s street heartfelt record “Frontline” below.