Fridays Night – [HOLLY] ft. [Mac P Dawg] & [SUFFER GRiM]

It’s no secret if you’re a fan of Hip-Hop or Rap music that violence is a topic that comes up frequently throughout songs. Although this seems to just be a part of the culture, it, unfortunately, doesn’t come without repercussions. When it was discovered that Mac P Dawg of Shoreline Mafia was killed due to gun violence, it was clear that the music industry lost a great person, and it is obvious that fans weren’t going to let his name or legacy fizzle out, thankfully. Although he was clearly taken from this Earth way too soon, seeing the fans, Rap group, and the culture, in general, come together to mourn the loss of the promising talent was truly a moment that won’t soon be forgotten either.

When it comes to “Fridays Night”, a song by Portuguese producer HOLLY featuring Mac P Dawg and SUFFER GRiM, the story runs much deeper than the track itself. HOLLY and Mac met in Los Angeles and wrote this song together that same night, and this just so happened to take place about two weeks before the Rapper’s untimely passing. Although the song itself is fantastic, it has so much more meaning knowing that the two artists had made it so close to his death. Some people might not know exactly what to do with it, whether they should save it and not release it in solidarity with the situation, but after a meaningful and important conversation with Mac’s family, it was ultimately and thankfully decided that the song should be released and all of the proceeds that come from the record would go to Mac P Dawg’s family, as it rightfully should.

As for the song itself, HOLLY brings succinct, clean drums paired with bright, sunny synths and almost Southwestern-inspired sounds to the forefront, providing a bouncy instrumental for the two artists featured. Considering I’m not overly familiar with SUFER GRiM and due to the fact that he sounds somewhat similar to Mac in this song, I apologize in advance if I mix up either of their portions, but just know that both verses are incredible in and of themselves. I believe SUFFER GRiM handles the hook, providing us with some soft-spoken yet wonderfully melodic words that don’t utilize any sort of autotune, which is rare in the current state of Rap music, but he makes his words count and come through magnificently.

As Mac P comes in for the first verse, his voice is calm and buttery, as always, and he never has to raise his tone in order to let his message shine through. During this portion, the beat simplifies for the most part, at least at the beginning, which truly assists in his remarkably suave cadence. I think GRiM takes the second verse, offering a similarly unphased delivery to that of Mac’s, although during certain moments, he changes styles to a more sing-song flow, showing off some vocals that are extremely reminiscent of those that are present in the hook. Overall, this track is just a wonderful Summery anthem that is sure to soothe any pain and free your mind of any struggles you might be going through.

I imagine cruising down a highway next to a beach at sunset with the windows in my car down, blasting this track at full volume. It might not be a party anthem or something that’s going to get people going crazy, but that’s not the point of it. It does an absolutely wonderful job of showing off Mac P’s charming demeanor, and GRiM assists in this charm effortlessly as well, so I couldn’t be more into this track if I tried, to be honest. You shouldn’t have much trouble getting into this song and vibing out because it really is such an enthralling offering from HOLLY, but if you needed any sort of catalyst to continue playing it on repeat, just remember that the proceeds are going to Mac P Dawg’s family and that just might help ease the pain of losing a loved one at least slightly, if nothing else. While we wait on HOLLY to release his upcoming mixtape Dark Skies and Holy Grail, make sure you tune into this unbelievable new track entitled “Fridays Night” and keep Mac P Dawg’s name alive and well.