Fresh Finds Spotify Singles

This Wednesday was good already, but it just got so much better as four new artists just released Exclusive Spotify Singles as a part of their groundbreaking Fresh Finds Artist Development Program. The first class of this program was so good to the point that you would never think they could get better, but on this fine Wednesday morning, I’m here to tell you that they did just that! The second batch of talented individuals consist of Pom Pom Squad, Araya, Doss & TOLEDO; all artists that I’m super familiar with and excited for which means you all should be as well. After listening intently, it would be an understatement to say that I’m blown away by these releases. Here’s what I thought about each of them:

1. “Until It Stops” – [Pom Pom Squad]

“Until It Stops” by Pom Pom Squad is an effortlessly smooth rock ballad that will wrap you in nostalgia and and transport you to a place of immense introspection. The vocals that are present within this one are unbelievably soothing yet edgy at the same time which makes for such a cohesive piece. This one has been on repeat all morning long and part of that is due to the mind blowing guitar solo that takes place during the final 4th of the song! A triumph in every sense of the word; If Pom Pom Squad wasn’t on your radar before, then make sure you change that immediately.

2. “Lost” – [Araya]

My main man Araya is up next as he slows it down and delivers a futuristic and experimental pop experience that will have you in a trance from the moment you press the play button. What I love most about this NY-based talent is his ambition. No two songs of his sound the same and it’s refreshing to see him pushing the boundaries of his sound and style. This song, “Lost” just speaks to how easy it will be for listeners to get lost in the amazing production and vocal stylings of Araya himself. There’s so many great elements about this one and I can’t wait for y’all to check it out!

3. “Cherry” – [Doss]

“Cherry” by Doss might be my favorite out of the singles, as the pulsating rhythm has been on my mind since listening to it. If you’re going to listen to this offering, make sure you rush to your car or nearest studio and turn the volume all the way up! Any other listening experience would be robbing you from the sheer genius that’s present throughout this 3 minute track. I’m calling it now, this upbeat club song will be played at just about every club and party in no time. There’s just something so infectious about it that will not allow you to turn it off, but instead turn the volume up even higher.

4. “Beach Coma” – [TOLEDO]

Last but not least, TOLEDO brings in an ear grabbing vibe that is perfect for those long drives with the windows down. If it’s pretty where you’re out right now, make sure you take advantage of the weather and set this one as the background of your day. The addicting guitar strum does an amazing job of laying the foundation for this relaxing song that will leave you speechless. The song, “Beach Coma” has the makings of the perfect summer offering that can be played during any time of the year, which just speaks to its uniqueness and dynamic elements.

I could go on and on about these releases, but it is imperative that you all go and listen to these for yourself! You can find them all on the Fresh Finds Playlist! Spotify continues to impress with their genius curation and I can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for us next!