Freefall – [Rainbow Kitten Surprise]

Alternative rock collective Rainbow Kitten Surprise just released trippy visuals for their new song, “Freefall.” If we’re going, to be honest here Rainbow Kitten Surprise is one of the best band names that are out today, it just stands out. Once you’re done being caught up with the name and start listening to the music, you’ll be entranced by the stories they tell. With “Freefall” is about fighting your demons and how people succumb and fall victim to our various vices. Powerful messages are a staple in the RKS discography as they’re no strangers to talk about sexuality, relationships, addiction and more. Director and animator Anthony Franciso Schepperd does a wonderful job at creating a video that captures the song in visual form. This video debuted on Adult Swim a couple of weeks ago and the animation goes along with the content you’ll typically see on their programming. RKS is gearing up for a new album and tour this year so make sure you check them out if they’re in your city.

Watch Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s psychedelic video for “Freefall” below.