Free Up – [FRVRFRIDAY] Ft. [Ye Ali] & [Shabazz]

Canadian artist FRVRFRIDAY takes the best aspects of trap-RnB and puts them in a fresh context on his latest EP, OFFLINE. While echoing the genre’s most recognizable qualities, he also has a flair for lighter, more playful melodies that you wouldn’t usually expect out of the genre. This facet of FRVR’s songwriting and production skills becomes clear right from the EP’s first song, “Free Up.” Through whistling, auto-tune coated vocals, he finds his footing on the track’s first verse. He rides the self-produced beat with twisty wordplay and catchy conviction delivered in unison with 808 snares. The track features Ye Ali, who carries a similar polished presence, and Shabazz, whose deep voice and commanding lyricism create a perfect change of pace on the song’s third verse. On “Free Up” and on the rest of OFFLINE, FRVR differentiates himself from the pack, writing melodies that you’ll want to replay again and again.