While I’m not a Chicago native myself, I do know that there’s nothing we like more than supporting homegrown talent here at Lyrical. An artist who originally got his Lyrical Lemonade blog and video debut back in 2016 for his single, “Like That”, Chicago’s Kayo is a rapper who has continued to earn his stripes in the release circle over the years. After taking some time off from dropping music between late 2016 and early 2020, Kayo made a memorable return in 2020 and has stayed consistent ever since. Fast forward to 2023 and Kayo has been unleashing some serious heat as of late, kicking off the year with his lead single, “Made It Real”, and his proceeding 12-song album, “It Was Fun While It Lasted”. However, the fun didn’t end there as Kayo followed up the album with a single in June (“I Been”) before he decided to bless us yet again with his most recent offering that I’ll be discussing today.

Released just last month, Kayo unveiled his new single, “FREE OF CHARGE”, on July 12th and there wasn’t a centimeter of this painting that he left unperfected. A gritty hip-hop record that is sure to leave it’s stain on any hater’s white tee, “FREE OF CHARGE” felt like an opportunity for Kayo to flex what he does best and there’s no question that he did exactly that. Rhyming overtop of a dark ambience and hard-hitting 808s (produced by Southpaw Swade), Kayo leaned in with an assertive flow and surgical bars in “FREE OF CHARGE” that will leave the whole room with a resting stank face. A slight change of sonic approach compared to previous records we’ve heard from Kayo recently, “FREE OF CHARGE” feels like a fresh new direction for the 23 year old and is definitely a sound that I hope to hear more of from the Chicagoan in the near future!

Check out “FREE OF CHARGE” below!