Free Me – [42 Dugg]

Coming off a successful album and record charting features with Lil Baby, Detroit rapper 42 Dugg returns with a new single, Free Me. When the first thing you hear is Dugg’s iconic whistle, you know you’re in for a real treat and this record is no different. Utilizing his classic slurred speech Dugg delivers two solid verses that have you nodding your head to the catchy tune but are also incredibly lyrical and tell an intricate story about his personal life. Pouring his heart into his lyrics it’s undeniable that 42 Dugg has one of the best flows and story-telling abilities in the game right now. The production behind the track is nothing short of spectacular with an electronic inspired instrumental that really allows Dugg. Take some time and listen to Dugg’s new work down below.

Produced by Antt Beatz