Freckles – [Porsh Bet$]

As a lifelong Porsh Bet$ fan and supporter, it’s an honor to finally have the opportunity to highlight Porsh in all his glory on the Lyrical page today. I first heard Porsh’s EP, “I Used To Think Forever”, back in 2021 and have kept a watchful eye on his artistic progression and growth ever since. A prolific artist who has done nothing but impress us time and time again with his releases, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Porsh has accomplished all that he has over the short time (3 years) that he’s been releasing music. 

Delivering his intoxicating blend of hip hop, rock, and varying shades of pop, the 22 year old Harlem native came through in the clutch yet again with his newest musical offering this week, “Freckles”. A record that carries an infectious hook with a slightly solemn meaning, “Freckles” might be an up-tempo tune but the message reveals the issues in a relationship that are unaddressed and that juxtaposition makes for a really intriguing track. As the song goes on, we hear Porsh breakout into a rap-heavy verse that offers a tasteful dynamic to the more melodic hook, while also showcasing a side of Porsh’s artistry that we haven’t heard from him in quite a while. Easily my favorite record from Porsh in the last year, “Freckles”, is a must-listen to track for anyone looking for an up-beat, summer groove which maintains an emotion-filled storyline. Speaking on the song’s message a bit more, Bet$ had this to say:

“Freckles is a song about noticing someone change in a relationship, but them being blind to the fact, and things going without being addressed – the tension that comes with that dynamic. The lyrics “so you close your eyes and let your problems fade” capture the essence of the song really well – essentially ignorance is bliss.”

Check it out using the links below!