France – [Memoria XI]

If quarantine taught us anything when it comes to music, it taught us that it doesn’t take decades to make a name for yourself in the industry. In fact, some of my favorite artists at the moment were talents that I discovered at some point or another over the past year, and many of them haven’t even been making music for much longer than that. As far as Memoria XI is concerned, he has been steadily making a name for himself in the industry as his passionate, emotionally raw lyrics seem to cut through to everyone’s core, leaving listeners crawling back for every new release.

Just last week, Memoria decided to continue his hot streak with the release of his latest record “France” in which he recruited Daks9k and Aidan Han to help with the production, and it’s just another hit in his arsenal of all-out bangers. Despite the fact that they might not be considered bangers in the conventional sense, he lays his entire self out on the table no matter how vulnerable or fragile he might be, and that’s undeniably clear in every offering he releases.

On this one, there are some soft, gentle guitar licks played prior to some tempo-setting percussion and thumping drums coming into the picture a little later on. Whether the drums are present or not, Memoria starts out singing without holding anything back, capturing every last drop of your attention from the moment he begins to croon. Considering he starts with such enthusiasm and vigor, I wasn’t sure if he’d be able to keep up with this animation throughout the entire record, but after listening all the way through, I realized that that was just silly skepticism on my behalf, and he remained at the very top of his game for the entire track.

Although he might still be opening doors for a much larger, more fruitful career, even the early moves he’s making right now seem to be strategic in order to set himself up for success. It’s obvious that he has the talent, no question, but there have been other artists with all the skills in the world who have fallen off because they didn’t align themselves with the right people or give the fans what they want. Luckily, it seems like Memoria has thought well ahead into the future, so I have no doubt in my mind that this won’t happen to him and his career is only going to continue skyrocketing as we move forward. I already know that he has more tricks up his sleeve moving forward this year, but while we wait and see what those might be, make sure you check out Memoria XI’s latest record “France” as soon as possible.