fragglerock – [Jazz Ingram] [Jelani Imani]

Watching from a distance, one of my favorite elements of Atlanta is that of collaboration. So often, fans see the comradery in the city by way of countless feature verses and joint efforts, all of which highlight the value in local acts embracing one another and making better art because of it. Today, marking one of the most prolific pairings of ATL artists, Jazz Ingram and Jelani Imani are here with “fragglerock.”

Structured around a nonchalant, effortlessly melodic instrumental, “fragglerock” finds its strength in Ingram and Imani’s stream-of-consciousness raps. The song flips through an entire rolodex of topics, from hopes and dreams to progress, introspection, and more, all without losing the sense of the purity in its authenticity. Per usual, Ingram and Imani’s equally left-field deliveries complement one another perfectly, and the consistent swing of the instrumental gives them just the right environment to do so.

That said, whenever these two join forces, it’s obvious that something special is on the way, and “fragglerock” certainly delivers — homegrown, relaxed, and refreshing as can be. Check this one out below!