Between The Lines – [foxxdye]

Originating in the vibrant musical landscape of Boston, Massachusetts, foxxdye emerges as an electrifying and dynamic pop rock/alternative trio, transcending the boundaries of conventional soundscapes. “Between the Lines.” This sonic masterpiece takes listeners on a captivating journey, unveiling an intricate interplay of melodies and emotions. Central to the lyrical narrative is the compelling backdrop of a love triangle, where Seth’s vocals articulate the ache of desiring the attention of a woman entangled in a relationship with his very own friend. The plot of the single may seem messy but this is such a feel-good record that makes you want to get up and dance. If you ever wanted to be early on a band then you should push all of your chips in on foxxdye. They only have two singles out but their sound is much bigger than their listeners at this point.

Watch the music video for foxxdye’s newest offering “Between The Lines” after the break.