Four of a Kind – [93FEETOFSMOKE] & [XLHC]

I seriously wish that there was some sort of way for me to retrace my steps and look at the series of events and artists that I have listened to who have been my gateway into discovering even more musicians along the way. I feel like there is a never-ending tree full of branches that probably lead back to only a select few artists, but through them, I found out about someone new I enjoyed who then continued the snowball effect into more and more emcees who I now am obsessed with.

I know there is literally no way to definitively figure out this pipeline because my listening history is just way too convoluted and untraceable at points, so I guess all I can do now is be grateful for the wonderful artists that I enjoy every single day. One person who I was put onto through his work with various musicians is 93FEETOFSMOKE, an incredibly dexterous and skilled artist that I may have been late on, but I now listen to more religiously than almost anyone else.

Not only do I love tuning into new releases of his, but he has since become one of these individuals who constantly puts me onto others that I am immediately a fan of as well. Thanks to him, I now have an entirely new collection of hitmakers, and with the release of his brand-new album Good Grief, I have even more to tap in with. One song that definitely stood out to me on his latest effort was “Four of a Kind” featuring XLHC (AKA Extra Large Holiday Card) who completely stood out with both his lyrics as well as his production alongside Aaron Osborne, and with a fantastic PHVZES-directed music video, this record couldn’t get any better.

In this video, the duo shows up to a slightly shady underground poker ring with earpieces in, communicating with one another to eventually run the table and win all the cash in the game. After exiting, they proceed to celebrate their newfound wealth by spraying champagne and tossing around the cash, but this celebration seemed to be premature considering some of the ladies running the game caught on to their cheating strategies.

When the bouncer goes outside to bust them, he has trouble keeping up with them for some reason, but just as they’re about to escape for good, the two women surprise them, finally concluding the party in the end. Whether you’ve had time to listen to Good Grief yet or not, get the ball rolling and check out this magnificent new visual because if one thing is definite, you definitely won’t regret it.