Fo(u)r- [Femdot]

Chicago emcee Femdot raps with passion in his voice, solidifying the importance of his messages as you listen. It can also be seen that he is taking his craft seriously, progressively getting better as he puts out more music. Most recently, he dropped his mixtape titled “Fo(u)r.” This project reflects its name, containing only four songs. Although there is such a minimal number of songs, the project doesn’t lack depth in any sense of the word. Each song has its own unique sound, all of which sound like they wouldn’t work together on a single cohesive tape, but somehow they all flow so well that I didn’t give it a second thought. This is partially due to the fact that almost every track is produced by someone different, and all of their individual styles come through to support each other.

Starting with the Mike Wavvs produced track “Doomsday/Shawnee’s intro,” the song opens with the sounds of a radio changing from station to station, as if Dot was on a road trip, and wanted to take the listener along with him. This song then slows up into a melodic symphony of a woman’s voice singing notes so pure that it makes it impossible to skip over. Next, is a three-in-one record titled “314.” Also produced by Mike Wavvs, this is a track that starts out strong with punching flows by Fem, and slows up after a verse, as if the radio station changed again. The third song is titled “97′,” which has an intergalactic feel thanks to producer D. Phelps, is the most constant song on the album, being that the instrumental never really changes. This is no problem, however, considering Femdot can actually show how consistent his bars can be if the tempo isn’t changing two or more times in a song. Bringing the project home is the track “Soul.,” which is produced by All Real. With a relatively simple beat to rap over, this song is his time to show his lyrical potential, and he doesn’t shy away from the challenge.

Previous to this mixtape, I wasn’t extremely familiar with Femdot, which forced me to listen to his other projects to get a feel for him. I’m glad I have finally listened him, because he’s part of the reason the music coming out of Chicago has a major part in this industry. His bars sound effortless, but that doesn’t mean they are. The work he has put into his craft won’t go unnoticed, and the only disappointing part about “Fo(u)r” is the fact that there isn’t more of it. I’m positive this is still just the beginning of the work we will hear from Femdot, and considering the spectrum of different sounds he brought together this time around, it’s hard to fathom what he might have up his sleeve. Until we reach that point, get in tune with Chicago’s next big thing.

words by Danny Adams

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