FOTO – [Kota The Friend]

Where he saw room for a path, Brooklyn’s Kota The Friend created one.

I’ve been aware of this budding talent for some time now, and simply by maintaining a consistent, high-quality level of output, Kota’s journey has been an undeniably lovable one. There aren’t any gimmicks involved — he makes great music, his guiding principle of authenticity never ceases to bleed through the music, and his clear creative vision has made for countless visuals and songs in the past, all of which have shown great development throughout Kota’s career. Today, these sentiments come full circle with the release of Kota The Friend’s long-awaited debut album, FOTO.

19 songs long, FOTO is definitely a longer album, but quite honestly, it gets away with it because of Kota’s storytelling abilities. His character arc throughout the album tracks the journey of someone truly questioning himself and the world around him, using the wins, the losses, and confusion as his map toward the light at the end of the tunnel. In general, the jazzy, lush instrumentals make sense for such a reflective release, and by the time the last few songs roll around, this inviting sonic environment and around-the-campfire lyricism make you feel as though you understand Kota just that much more on an eye-to-eye level.

FOTO is a crafty release from a notably true-to-self artist who, as I’ve learned by listening to this one, isn’t really in it for anything fancy. Rather, Kota keeps it simple and counts his blessings, using music as his much-needed contribution to a world that becomes harder to understand every day. Needless to say, FOTO is a wonderful adventure that I would recommend all of our readers jump on, so be sure to check this one out below and let us know what you think in the comments!