Forza 6 – [Well$]

North Carolina emcee Well$ returns from his long hiatus with a new 5 track project entitled ‘Forza 6’. This body of work come to fruition while Well$ was navigating interior roads back and forth between North Carolina and Virginia during his two-year hiatus. These records show the growth sonically and represent the evolution of the Charlotte emcee as an artist in his time away. When Well$ stepped away he had plenty of buzz and was pretty much every music editorial site. It should be interesting to see how an artist of his caliber can rebrand and continue to retune his sound to get back where he left off. Music moves so fast and sounds and artists come and go so fast within a short time period, however, I believe Well$ has the artistic range and tools to do what it takes to last.

Stream Well$’ newest offering Forza 6 for yourself after the break.