Forget It – [Jute$]

Little Spotify tip for you… Any song you come across and have even a mild interest in… save it.

At times, you’ll feel a little cluttered, but it’s worth it when you throw it on shuffle and rediscover something dope.

That’s exactly what happened to me with Jute$.

On my way to do a write-up, I re-stumbled upon his irresistibly catchy effort, “Either Way”. Entranced by those vocals, and eager to share it here on the pages of Lyrical Lemonade, I did a quick search to see if he had anything new; sure enough, just a few hours old, there was “Forget It.”

Tackling the bitter-end of a relationship, “Forget It” is considerably less vibrant, than the shuffle-discovered, “Either Way” yet Jute$ sugary, syrupy vocals still engine the effort. His voice really jumps out atop the atmospheric production from Xtravulous to draw you in. Considering the theme and the feel of the track, that is no small feat. There’s definitely a sneaky power to his light, pop-laced vocals that stick with you.

Moral of the story, save every song you come across and you’ll have some amazing artist waiting which, hopefully, now includes Jute$.