Forget About You – [MAI TY]

As some of you may know, I’ve been attempting to broaden my listening horizons in 2023, a part of my new year’s resolution. Upon discovering the music of Pennsylvania-based artist MAI TY, I found that I had uncovered yet another unique segment of the industry that I enjoy. Cheers to the new year, I guess!

By leveraging his soft-spoken vocals, melodic sensibilities, and ethereal instrumentals, MAI TY has created a sound that stands out from the crowd. In fact, I can only compare his style to that of a select few other artists in the business; one such individual would be Corbin (previously known as Spooky Black).

MAI TY’s latest single, “Forget About You,” perfectly captures the gloomy yet charming tone and delivery that I apparently find enjoyable. This track follows a string of other recent releases that possess the same mysterious and captivating quality. For those seeking something outside the norm, I would strongly recommend checking out “Forget About You,” available below!