Forever Pt. 2 (Jezebel) – [Bktherula] ft. [Destroy Lonely]

I have been as supportive as I can be of up-and-comers who are truly thinking outside the box and trying to do something that no other artist before them has done. This has become slightly difficult at times because there are just so many musicians now, so it can be hard to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack. While this proves to be a problem for some, Bktherula seems to not only take on the challenge head-on, but steamroll right over it without ever looking back to see the aftermath.

She is simply in a lane of her own, bringing songs to life that span a wide range of styles and sounds, but no matter if she’s dominating a speaker-busting instrumental or gifting listeners a buoyant ballad, she is doing so with such ground-breaking technique and unignorable skill. Thanks to this, she has connected with a diverse group of fellow artists from Ski Mask the Slump God to Rico Nasty, and plenty of others in between, most recently teaming up with Opium-signee Destroy Lonely for a ridiculously appealing single called “Forever Pt. 2 (Jezebel)”.

The track on its own is absolutely fantastic as Bk and Destroy Lonely both lay down some tuneful bars that work impeccably well over the Simmy Auto-produced instrumental, but I definitely think the AMD Visuals-directed video adds even more to the story beyond the internal narrative of the record. Here, Bk and Lonely are in the forest as they begin a water gun battle against a group of young women who Bk seems to have some history with.

The war is hard fought and eventful, but right when Bk is about to be taken out by one of the other women, Lonely swoops in to save the day before being ambushed and taken out of the picture. Eventually, Bk is surrounded, and even though her fate is never officially shown, I think it’s safe to assume the worst, unfortunately. I loved this visual because it used a literal approach for the symbolism of the battles you can endure throughout relationships, both past and present, and it just further emphasizes the picture that Bk and Destroy Lonely painted so well throughout this amazing song.