Forever Franchise – [Baby Smoove]

Although I have no actual personal connection to the city of Detroit, it has become a place that definitely holds a piece of my heart, and that is for no other reason than its music scene. Over the past couple of years, each and every emcee coming from the Motor City has put in way more than enough work to not only get recognized on a national scale way more than what might’ve been originally expected, but they have proved that they’re one of, if not the very hottest music hubs in the entire world.

Whether looking at people like Rio Da Yung OG, Icewear Vezzo, Veeze, or any of those smooth and inventive artists, or someone like whiterosemoxie who has brought a sound to life that is pretty much impossible for me to describe, each and every talent in Michigan has been dropping hit after hit, and when I think of my favorite emcees in the state, I have to admit that Baby Smoove is absolutely towards the top of that list.

While it seems like he might drop off random singles as well as various mixtapes whenever he pleases, they’re always full of his nonchalant, lowkey personality-filled bars that never cease to amaze me. “Forever Franchise” is the name of his latest release, and while I love this record and the Ct Films Productions-directed music video, you better check it out now before he drops something else that’s new and this one becomes a piece of his busy and historied legacy.

In this record, Smoove once again never raises his level of enthusiasm any higher than mine is a minute after my alarm wakes me up in the morning, but there is something about his casual, collected, and confident demeanor that I can’t get enough of, because not just anyone could hop into the booth and pull of a similar style the way he does. I think that Baby Smoove is only going to continue to dominate the game, and while he might not completely be the most celebrated emcee in Michigan, I personally feel as though he deserves to be, and “Forever Franchise” is yet another reason that backs up my opinion.