New Jersey’s Foreva Sosa drops a cinematic visual to “Cinderella.”

Foreva Sosa, a talented 27-year-old melodic rapper hailing from Patterson, New Jersey, has recently dropped an impressive new song called “Cinderella,” accompanied by a cinematic music video.

Sosa initially started his journey in the music industry as a producer in 2016 before transitioning into an artist in 2020. Collaborating with P-Dice, a collaborator of Fetty Wap, Sosa began his career and has since developed a unique musical style that reflects his view of the world. “Cinderella,” Sosa’s latest release, is an ode to a high school crush who consistently overlooked him, but fate would eventually bring them back together as adults. The sincerity embedded in Sosa’s music has been instrumental in his rise to prominence, and he is only just beginning to make his mark in the industry.

The song immediately captivates listeners with Sosa’s subdued and relaxed tone, creating an enticing feel. Its easy-listening quality, combined with a catchy hook, makes it a memorable addition to any music library. The track’s versatility is evident, appealing to listeners of various tastes and preferences. It will be exciting to witness the reception and success that “Cinderella” achieves due to its broad appeal.

In this mini-movie produced by mastermindrichy, Foreva Sosa and a woman he’s interested in are seen daydreaming about a potential connection, imagining how their lives would intertwine if circumstances were different. Unfortunately, the young lady’s current partner becomes an obstacle, doing everything he can to interfere with their budding romance.

Foreva Sosa’s “Cinderella” is a testament to his talent as a melodic rapper, showcasing his ability to convey emotions and tell stories through his music. With an engaging video and a track that effortlessly captivates listeners, Sosa has solidified his position as an artist to watch.

Check out “Cinderella” on YouTube below!