Foreign – [Rot Ken]

Unfortunately, incarcerations seem to really play a factor in the music industry for a plethora of artists big and small, but I am never going to give anything less than the highest praise to thee emcees who find themselves in a situation and are able to overcome it no matter what it takes. When Rot Ken got locked up, it was disheartening because he was making some major waves in music and I was afraid that this stint was going to put a pause on his rising and promising career.

Well, considering he has a strong backing of industry trendsetters over at Internet Money, not a day went by without me listening to a song by Ken because his homies at IM made sure that they weren’t going to let the “Free Ken” movement go by the wayside. His debut project Free Me was an undeniable leap in the right direction thanks to 17 amazing songs that last almost 40 minutes long and a few addicting features in SoFaygo, Kalan.FrFr, Hunxho, and 21 Lil Harold.

While I can’t get enough of this album and all of the talents that Ken showcased, he got it off to a hot start with his Jetsonmade, Jasper Harris, Rio Leyva, and Taz Taylor-produced track “Foreign”, a song that recently received a visual treatment courtesy of Man Films, and this one is just awesome if you ask me. Ken pops out in his city after being released, cruising around the streets as he passes billboards that are bringing awareness to the “Free Ken” movement, so I can only imagine that he must feel on top of the world now that he’s out and knows that his hometown of Augusta’s support.

Many of the scenes are pretty straightforward and well-shot, but one of my favorite clips comes when he’s standing in his closet, and without moving, there are a few different outfits that he includes into his rotation as if he’s a my player that you’re customizing on NBA 2k. Rot Ken is definitely a star who has such a versatile and complex skillset that you can no longer overlook as a rap fan, so make sure you tap in with the latest visual for his track “Foreign” before going back to give his project Free Me yet another listen.