BIGBABYGUCCI is one of the most prolific underground legends in all of Rap music, and that might be an understatement. His work ethic is nothing short of exhausting considering all the wonderful music he has put out throughout his tenure in the industry, and I still believe that he doesn’t get nearly the amount of credit he deserves after being a trendsetter and a tastemaker in music for the better half of a decade.

To ring in the new year, luckily, he released a brand-new song entitled “For Sale” as well as a music video to accompany it. The song itself is produced by Mikemadeahitter, and his name speaks for itself with this one after hearing the remarkable instrumental. Incorporating some deep basslines, bright and mystifying keys, and some clattering drums, Mike brought an unbelievable foundation to life for Gucci, setting him up for success before even spitting a single word. When he does enter into the ring for this Jazzy offering, his demeanor is as nonchalant and just straight-up cool as can be, unsurprisingly. During the hook, he just casually allows unphased words and melodies to leak out of his mouth which ultimately leads to such an addictive, catchy chorus that is sure to remain in your mind for hours after the track ends. His disposition doesn’t change whatsoever in the verse, but he does incorporate some additional flows and cadences that provide freshness to the already captivating record.

In the Reel Bump-shot music video, Gucci actually shows off some skills beyond the microphone and takes a seat in the director’s chair, which is something I think many other artists could benefit from when trying to bring a visual of their own to life. In the mini-movie itself, Gucci decides to live a few different lifestyles, one as a UPS worker, another as an ice cream man, and the last one as a rapper, which is obviously the career he’s most familiar with. Nonetheless, in each profession, he continues to smoke his blunts and live his life the way he wants and not the way anyone else expects him to live or behave, so I can’t help but respect that. Beyond these shots, my favorite parts of this video come when his lyrics pop up on the screen next to him during certain moments. There’s just something about the font and the way it kind of floats in and out of the shots that work so well and is just aesthetically pleasing which elevates it even more than expected, in my opinion.

Each and every year, BIGBABYGUCCI seems to level up more and more, so I can’t wait to see with the rest of this year brings him. There was just something about this new single of his that was as calming as it was vibey, and I love the peacefulness that Gucci is heading into this year with. Although he is known for his dexterity, this type of sound is probably my personal favorite from the Charlotte native because no matter what might be going on in your life, if you take a break and listen to this record, you’re going to find your stresses just melting away. If you don’t believe me, just press play on BIGBABYGUCCI’s latest song “For Sale” below and see for yourself.