For Real – [Drakeo the Ruler] ft. [Ohgeesy] & [Ketchy the Great]

While I’ve always been a huge fan of the West Coast movement within Rap and Hip-Hop music, I think one of the even better things about that region is the fact that they all seem to stick together for the most part. From the outside looking in, it seems like there’s not a massive circle, but if you’re tight with these artists, they’re going to have you’re back just like they expect you to have theirs. It’s never shocking to see similar names featured on various projects from these emcees either, so when Drakeo the Ruler dropped his album We Know the Truth, there was a myriad of familiar names that helped make the project even more successful than anyone could have anticipated.

One of these songs was called “For Real” and it featured Ohgeesy and Ketchy the Great. While Ohgeesy is arguably one of my favorite West Coast acts currently, Ketchy was an artist I was much less familiar with. I know that Drakeo doesn’t give just anyone a verse, though, so I knew he’d come through with some heat, and when I heard this song for the first time, I was absolutely right and Ketchy definitely fit right in with the other two all-stars.

Luckily, Drakeo has a working man’s mentality and it seems like he never sleeps because he’s constantly putting out awesome new content for his fans to indulge in. Most recently, he teamed up with Black Hearted Productions and Carrington to direct the music video for this hit, and the results are better than ever, especially because it’s just so great seeing Drakeo out of prison and enjoying his life the way he should be. Opening up, a few animated luxurious cars are dashing down a Mario Kart-like racetrack at speeds so fast that the vehicles are almost blurred at certain times.

From here, there are really only two other scenes, but the story that’s being told in the song is really the only thing that most people focus on, so a slew of random settings isn’t really necessary. One scene takes place in a dark hallway where the three artists, led by Drakeo, are surrounded by a group of lovely ladies dancing around somewhat promiscuously. Beyond this, the last shot takes us outside behind some sort of house or store where Drakeo, Ohgeesy, and Ketchy are joined by their group of friends and even more ladies who vibe out with the trio to this intriguing record that they brought to life.

When I first heard this song a few months back, I was first off impressed by the variety of flows that Drakeo seemed to rotate through. Ohgeesy brought his trademark laidback swag to the mix and Ketchy provided a new personality that led us out of the record nicely, and while this music video might not win any Oscars or anything of that nature, seeing this trio come together and celebrate not only Drakeo’s release once again, but the success of the album itself was quite the sight to see. Make sure you check out the music video for “For Real” as soon as you get the chance because you’re definitely not going to want to miss out on this one.