For December – [Kris the $pirit]

Learning about a new up-and-coming artist is one of my favorite activities ever, but finding these individuals isn’t always as easy as it once seemed. Sometimes, I can get overwhelmed by the number of submissions that come through my email or DMs, but when one of my favorite musicians out right now hit me up about Kris the $pirit, I knew that I had to tap in because she hasn’t led me astray yet. I’m talking about Eva Shaw, the Canadian hitmaker who has been dropping some amazing music ever since I can remember, and I trust her taste completely, so after tapping in with Kris’s latest song “For December”, my presumptions were right and Eva’s recommendation was truly appreciated.

Produced by Mike Shabb, the sample utilized is perfect for a lyricist like Kris, and he wasted no time at all getting to the point and showcasing his aptitudes behind a microphone. He has been described as someone with “Kendrick-level flows”, and while that is obviously high praise, it isn’t inaccurate, either. His words come through in a calming, almost whispered style that just glides off of his tongue and into the atmosphere, floating around in your mind as he continues tearing through his lines. Not only are they unique cadences, but Kris remains super composed when he could easily let everything go out the window and get sloppy, so I think that speaks to his professionalism and the fact that he knows his purpose in this industry, and he’s going to work long and hard until others know as well.

In the pitch deck that describes Kris and this record, he says:

“’For December’ is a tribute to women in impoverished areas who are abused domestically and taken advantage of, and how I am willing to be a force to end that dynamic.”

Not only is this a noble and impressive undertaking, but it is very clear in his music and he executes his mission every step of the way on this record, making it something you need to check out as soon as you find the time.