For All the Time I Fell on My Face – [Damien Styles]

Damien Styles is an artist who I never expected to hear about, but from the moment I was put onto his very first single up until now, he has blown me away with every single song he has put out. In my earlier days of listening to him, I had comparison him to Lil Peep because their voices and vibes seemed slightly similar, but after getting even more familiar with the rising star, I realized just how different and individualistic he truly is.

In almost every track I’ve heard from him, he has the epic sound that seems to fill a room whether you’re listening at a massive function or alone in your room. I’m not sure if this is because of the strong vocal layers he often uses, the grand production that he always kills, or simply his captivating and powerful personality, but either way, he is simply someone you can’t sleep on any longer. I have been believing this fact for months and months now, but I don’t think that statement has been more true than it is now that his debut project For All the Times I Fell on My Face is out.

There is not a single second on this project that goes to waste, and after listening all the way through these 11 songs that span just over 31 minutes long, I can confidently say that Damien is going to be a superstar in no time at all. Although I don’t think there is a single skip on this project whatsoever, I had to highlight a few of my personal favorites and let you tune into the rest of the album to see just how magnificent it is for yourselves.

Early on, “School Clothes” caught my ear from the moment I pressed play as some intergalactic sounds take center stage before a phone call is answered and the beat drops, introducing some indescribable energy into the offering. Damien wastes no time incorporating his enthusiasm, belting out the hook with so much enthusiasm that never wavered or declined whatsoever throughout this entire track.

In the project’s titular track “For All the Time I Fell on My Face”, a pop-inspired high-pitched synth tickles your eardrums as pounding 808s and percussion provide even more liveliness to this perfect song. In this one, he mixes a few different deliveries, sometimes singing his heart out while other times spitting full-on rap bars that show off yet another facet of his very dexterous skillset that I wasn’t expecting, but definitely appreciated.

Finally, the last song “Trouble Maker / Hometown Hero” begins a bit calmer before things quickly pick up thanks to a vigorous drumline and electronic synth progression. Damien once again wastes no time showing off his compelling personality, rifling through his lines with ease while squeezing every last ounce of his vitality out into the microphone. I knew we were in for a treat when I headed into this project, but I honestly was blown away by how wonderful it actually turned out to be.

There are so many different styles that Damien handles with ease, and it makes me believe that there isn’t a single genre that he can’t bring to life on his own. I even feel as if he tiptoed in the hyperpop waters during certain moments, and if you know anything about me, you know that I have a deep admiration for this rapidly growing subgenre, so I was caught off guard yet thoroughly impressed with this successful experimentation.

I believe that on For All the Times I Fell on My Face, Damien Styles went from a young talent with a lot of promise to a bonified hitmaker that is going to turn heads and most likely break necks from here on out, so I beg of you to not sleep any longer and give this man the attention and praise that he so rightfully deserves.