Foot on the Gas – [909Memphis] ft. [Tommy Ice]

Although they’re still both on the come up, every time 909Memphis and Tommy Ice get together to collaborate on a song, it’s always a hit. I’ve noticed this time and time again within the last year or two, and their latest offering to kick off the new year is no different at all.

“Foot on the Gas” is one of the more interesting songs I’ve heard from the duo, but it’s attention-grabbing and honestly pretty great on all fronts. The production was brought to life by Mosesgotwater, who creates high pitched guitar riffs that sound as if they have a sort of Latin flare, integrating them with rapid high hats and calm drums throughout. 909 brings his signature high-pitched, almost mumbling vocals to the song that accent the guitar on the beat seamlessly. Before long, Tommy Ice’s verse attacks your ears as he delivers a consistent flow that compliments the rest of the song the perfect way. Although this track seems a bit slower than something Tommy would rap on, he finds a way to not only fit in, but stand out amongst both the unique beat and Memphy’s inimitable voice.

Although 909Memphis and Tommy Ice have such different sounds and styles within their individual music, there’s something magical that happens when they get together and collab with each other. I’m not sure if it’s the contrast of styles within their singular music that makes it that much more impressive when they’re heard side by side, or if they just know how to work well with one another. Either way, you’re definitely not going to hear me complain because it’s always pretty remarkable. Peep “Foot on the Gas” below, the first offering of the new year from the promising standouts 909Memphis and Tommy Ice.

Words by Danny Adams