fool4love – [ericdoa]

Over the past few months, I feel like I have been missing something when it comes to the articles I write, and I wasn’t sure exactly what it was. After sitting back and contemplating what this could have been, I realized that this missing piece was quite possibly the absence of new releases from ericdoa. It seems weird because I still listen to eric literally every day since he is probably a top 3 favorite artist of mine currently, so his presence isn’t missing in my life, but it is crazy to think about the fact that he hasn’t released a full solo album since COA dropped back in 2020.

Sure, he and glaive released then i’ll be happy later last year and it immediately became one of my favorite projects of the entire year, but I have been craving a new solo project from eric for such a long time, and I think his fans are right there on the same page with me. After seeing his song “sad4whattt” take off with a feature on HBO’s Euphoria, I knew that he was going to continue to see his stock price skyrocket and I couldn’t be more excited, but after all the hype that has been building up around his upcoming project things with wings, it’s hard to sleep sometimes knowing that this new album will most likely come out at some point this year finally.

Although I don’t know when exactly to expect this next body of work, I was elated to find out that he dropped a brand-new single entitled “fool4love”, and it has my anticipation going through the roof even more than ever. Produced by a slew of friends and fellow hitmakers including glasear, Distance Decay, Mochila, fortuneswan, and Zetra, all of these talented producers have such a firm grasp on not only what puts eric in the position to succeed, but also what is going to bring the best out of his skill set, even if it does push him out of his comfort zone at times.

As eric begins to sing, he begins with a commanding and powerful delivery full of passion and energy, carrying this all the way throughout the hook before taking a deep breath and calming down to match the enthusiasm that the instrumental brings forth, ultimately unleashing more passion and vigor later on in the track as momentum continues to build infectiously. At this point, I know for a fact that ericdoa can’t release a song that’s anything less than immaculate with “fool4love” being no different, so although I am not sure exactly when things with wings is set to drop, I already know that it’s going to be an instant classic and I can’t wait for the moment that I finally get to tune in.