Fone Kalls – [Kai] x [Senite] [Menace4hire]

Supergroups in music are rare to come by, so when one emerges you don’t wanna miss out. Today, I’m delighted to share the debut of Creogangg; an emerging Chicago trio consisting of the artists Kai, Menace4hire, and Senite. Inspired by the likes of Ghetto Sage (Saba, NoName, Smino) and the legendary Fugees, their base hip-hop and R&B sound would certainly make their influences proud. “Fone Kalls” is a track featured on KAI’s excellent new EP Steve’s Demo, which also serves as the star-studded opener to the project. Like any talented musical group, each member possesses their own signature persona and memorable sound qualities. On this record, KAI serves as the emcee; a lyrical cat whose bread and butter is illustrated via his surgically raw flow. KAI also displays his versatility by taking on the hook with a softer approach. Senite is the dual-artist; her ability to interchange from confident rapping to delicate vocals matches the mellow vibe of the song throughout. As for Menace4hire, his important role as the closer is carried out effortlessly via a rapid bar quickfire. Moreover, the Joss Andreo directed music video is fitting because it captures the immense chemistry shared between the gifted three. Friendship clearly and naturally strengthens their bond, which is reflected through the music. Peep “Fone Kalls” below!