Before today, I had never heard of the Brooklyn surf rock duo that goes by the name of TOLEDO, but after hearing their brand new track, I might have found my latest obsession. TOLEDO is made up of lifelong friends and writing partners Daniel Álvarez de Toledo and Jordan Dunn-Pilz. It’s always a treat to see the relationship of two people shine throughout their music and thats exactly what you get when you listen to these guys. You can just tell that they love what they do and they love getting to do it with one another, which is a treat for all of us to witness. Their compatibility only makes for great projects and I get to bring one of them onto our pages today.

The Brooklyn duo just dropped a new offering today called, “FOMO”. Like the title alludes to, if you don’t check out this track, you’re definitely missing out. From start to finish, there is an infectious groove that completely takes over and doesn’t let up until its ending; and even then, you’ll just be left wanting more. Their musical talents are put on full display. From the vocals, all the way down to the instrumental inclusion and all around production. TOLEDO has an amazing awareness for what they want their sonic style to sound like and they completely nailed it in every way. The two hit makers added a note about “FOMO” and they explained that:

“This is the first song we wrote and recorded while quarantined together in our hometown of Newburyport, MA. Every morning was starting the same: a very brief meditation and a short session of Yoga with Adriene (love you, girl). The resulting mindfulness was usually short-lived and followed by late nights of drinking and Buffy reruns. FOMO pokes fun at this quarantine lifestyle, but at the end of the day gives voice to a genuine desire to be more present.”

I can’t stress how good TOLEDO is. They’re professionally polished but so much fun to listen to at the same time. I’ve attached the brand new song down below, so give it a listen when you can! Enjoy!