FNs Glokks Khopz – [Kickkone]

It may seem excessive to some, but I feel like I have the pleasure of writing about Florida-based artists a few times per week, typically. Although I’m not from the southern state and don’t have much of a connection to it at all, personally, I just see how much talent is oozing out of every single crevice first-hand, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop trying to put others onto this rejuvenating movement even after the rest of the world stops sleeping and realizes what kind of gems there are down south.

Thanks to all of the incredible sounds coming out of Florida, I have gotten to become close enough. with certain hitmakers to even consider them friends, and the talented producer Taymasterchef is someone who never fails to keep me tapped in with some awesome rising artists that he is close to. Tay has told me about friend and fellow musician Kickkone in the past, but when I saw that he released a music video for his song “FNs Glokks Khopz” that was produced by Tay, I knew I had to tune in.

It wasn’t until I checkout out the visual’s description that I realized it came off of the emcee’s brand-new project Last of a Dyin Breed that was released this year featuring 14 songs running just about a half-hour long, so now I’m even more pumped to listen in to more amazing songs from the up-and-comer. In the TLee407-directed music video, though, the first thing that greets us is a warning stating that anything resembling illegal materials is just props, a message that prepares us for a music video that matches the same aggression and assertiveness as the energetically ferocious record.

From here, we are gifted a slew of scenes that all seem to take place in various rooms under one roof, each of which shows Kickk hanging out with his homies as he spits his bars with ease while also showing off his captivating personality and individualistic skill. Kickkone is still working his way up the rungs of the Florida rap scene, but he is seriously an artist that you need on your radar if you call yourself a fan of this region’s rap scene, making the music video for “FNs Glokks Khopz” a must-watch visual as soon as you get the chance.