Fly Time-[kayfromfaraway]

Have you ever stumbled on a song that starts off so strong and catches you completely off guard? Well, if that has never happened to you before, then I have one for you that will do just that. I came across an up and coming independent artist/producer named kayfromfaraway a few days ago and ever since hearing his track, “Fly Time”, I have been absolutely obsessed with his sound, energy and ability to create music that is unique yet easily digestible.

The California native is making it on to Lyrical Lemonade for the very first time today, but if he continues to release music like what’s on his his ‘Dearly Beloved’ EP, then it most certainly will not be his last. If you turn on “Fly Time” you will know exactly why kayfromfaraway is getting his moment on the LL platform. There’s just a confidence that he has that is ever so present in his music. From the ambitious production, to his stylish lyrical flow, this kid is just entertaining and delight to indulge in.

When you’ve got some time to listen to some amazing music, make sure this is at the top of your rotation. He’s got it and I’m excited for ya’ll to listen! I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give it a listen and let us know what you think!