Fly On The Wall – [Duffle Bag Buru]

If you are familiar with the Chicago music community or maybe if you read our Top 50 Chicago Projects list a couple of weeks back, then you know of the legend who is Duffle Bag Buru, and today the talented emcee is back with his brand new music video for “Fly On The Wall”. This record was not only the title track off of Buru’s latest body of work, this song was a fan favorite that his core fanbase have been waiting to see a visual for, and I believe it’s safe to say that this one lived up to the hype. I got to give some major credit to the video director Mooch, he helped bring Buru’s to life + together they made a memorable piece of art. You will see plenty of familiar faces in this visual such as fellow musical talents Ron$oCold and Supa Bwe, as well as some Lyrical Lemonade affiliates who you have been seeing for years now, so press play below & see what this one has to offer.