flutter – [kmoe]

kmoe, the burgeoning Canada-based hyper pop artist, returns with the release of his new visual for his song, “flutter.” After receiving a co-sign from 100 gecs, Kmoe proceeded to release his take on the hyper pop sound that combined lofty vocals with melodic production that at any moment could evolve into something grittier. His newest release, not only continues to grow his brand of music, but also introduces us to another side of kmoe’s ability as a producer, and more specifically, as an artist.

His newly released music video, which was released alongside his new single, follows kmoe skateboarding through the night, briefly illuminated by streaks of neon light. The backdrop for this scenery of course is a bed of growing production and vocals that create an eerie and simultaneously comforting atmosphere. kmoe’s swelling production towards the latter half of the song is mirrored in the video’s explosion of color, creating a nuclear style of effects that drape kmoe in a radioactive glow that perfectly fits the song’s electric outro. There is no denying kmoe is proving himself to be a producer with an immense amount of range and an artist with a truly captivating story to tell.

Watch the new video for “flutter” by kmoe below.