Florida Rhymer Wizz Havinn Puts On His Cape with Super Wizz Project

Wizz Havinn, a standout from North Florida, showcases his prowess in his 18-track tape Super Wizz, taking his listener on a high-energy journey through the streets of Tallahassee. Collaborating with Florida beatsmiths like Ddot Freezing, Wizz paints a vivid sonic landscape that captures the essence of the rising Tallahassee sound.The tape boasts simmering slow burners like “Flaw,” where Wizz’s lyricism intertwines seamlessly with the synth-heavy beats. The imperiously confident “Check Me” and the electric atmosphere of “One Thing” featuring Lil Double 0 showcase Wizz’s ability to navigate diverse sounds while staying true to his roots. “Residue” takes a darker turn, borrowing elements from the trap sounds of Atlanta and Memphis, raising the temperature and intensity. Meanwhile, cinematic tracks like “New Wave” provide the perfect soundtrack for smoked-out drives down South Florida freeways.

“Right now, I’m just in a different place in life,” explains Wizz Havinn. “I’m in super status. I ain’t the same regular me. I’m super with all the work I got done and everything I achieved. I’m taking care of business right now. I’m trying to be a superhero for my hood–I’m giving back, I’m encouraging all the youngins around the area, and I’m making sure everybody straight in the community. I’m always showing love and motivating everybody in the trenches. And the biggest thing: coming from the hood and then going somewhere then coming back and showing this real life proof and everybody can be something. That’s a real hood superhero.”

In support of the new tape, Wizz dropped the visually compelling music video for “Eminem,” a collaboration with Detroit rapper Veeze. Set against the backdrop of gently-plucked acoustic guitars and thunderous distorted 808s, Wizz confidently identifies why he stands out from the crowd—his adversaries can’t match up, their girlfriends crave him, and annoyances are brushed off with a casual purchase of a new grill.

In “Super Wizz,” Wizz Havinn not only cements his status as a North Florida standout but also as a torchbearer for a burgeoning rap scene. The kinetic energy, diverse beats, and unapologetic lyricism make this album a testament to Wizz’s journey, from escaping circumstances through rhyme to becoming a shining example for his community. Check out his latest album below!