Florida – [Dolly Ave] x [Fate]

It might take some weeks / Just take the time you need / Don’t get stuck on knowing why” – Dolly Ave

Following the release of her two songs “Noise” and “Birds,” LA based singer Dolly Ave returns to Lyrical Lemonade with an introspective track titled “Florida.” Ave is gearing up for the release of her upcoming SLEEP EP, which contains six-tracks intersecting pop and R&B to portray bedroom vulnerability from an unstable relationship. Her latest single “Florida” serves as the crux of the project, as Dolly discovers clarity amid a vulnerable, yet insightful time period. Produced by Seattle based producer Fate, Ave’s layered multi-pitched vocals seamlessly blend with the dreamy ‘lull to thought’ instrumental. The production is especially noticeable in the intentional spaces of silence that reflect the mental healing process taking shape as Ave’s worries gradually dissipate into oblivion. Once more accompanied by a fitting visual, the Riley Donavan directed / Will Brunker produced music video instills warm dark colors to paint the thematic soundscape. Ave’s SLEEP EP may not be relatable to everyone, but anyone can appreciate her level of transparency and openness to express her true feelings.

“I wrote this song two years ago during a time where I needed to find closure on my own. I drove in my shi** Honda all the way from LA to San Diego to meet Fate and sang on this cheap microphone I had at the time. Sometimes you need to let it our and find ways to express yourself during a time of grief. Thanks for listening and I hope you find closure at the end of this crazy era.”