Flood Friday, Vol. 1 – [Oodaredevil]

It’s always a pleasure having the opportunity to highlight an artist on the Lyrical page for the first time, especially when it’s someone who you think has the potential to really make some serious moves in the near future. Everything is a build, but some artists have a bit more potential to have an explosive come up and that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling recently about Dallas’ next rising star, Oodaredevil. Manifesting his own style of underground inspired, modern-day Texas rap, Oodaredevil, finds himself as the perfect new discovery for fans of underground alums such as Yeat or Playboi Carti. 

There are a lot of different approaches to taking this music thing to the next level – some people drop infrequently and create an essence around them that makes every new drop feel like the celebration of a newborn baby and other artists might just flood the streets with music. Oodaredevil has chosen to take the latter route and it’s quickly paying off after releasing 9 bodies of work since early 2021 – three of which have come out in 2023 alone. At this rate, I find it nearly impossible to imagine a world in which Oodaredevil doesn’t take off because  he’s simply just out hustling his competition. 

Quantity is nothing without quality, but when you combine the two, it makes quite a lethal combination and that’s what we’ve been seeing out of Oodaredevil in recent months – in particular on his newest project, “Flood Friday, Vol. 1”. Produced by a variety of rising and established producers, including his frequent-collaborator Kelewya (producer of Iayze’s “556” and Yeat’s “Watch”), “Flood Friday, Vol. 1” is a 17-song masterpiece that feels like a high-energy roller coaster from front to back that never seems to lose its steam. Highlighted by some of my personal favorites – “Mr.2day”, “Bullshit (feat. Keen Cortex)”, and “Swang and Bang” – two things that stand out to me about these records (along with the whole project) is how they showcase Ooodaredevil’s incredible ear for unique melodic pockets and great beat selection. Another record on this body of work that really grabs me is “Doma”, which feels like the perfect combination of trap and r&b. While it wasn’t something that I expected to come across, “Doma” highlights how versatile Oodaredevil is and solidifies him as someone who is willing and able to take risks in innovative ways that pay off. 

With that in mind, if you haven’t already dug into “Flood Friday, Vol. 1” now is the time to do so because I’d hate to see you be labeled as a bandwagon fan in a few months once you’re late to the Oodaredevil party. Check out the project using the streaming link below: