Flood Da Spot – [Star G4A]&[Tony Shhnow]

Anniston, Alabama artist headed down I-20 to collaborate with Atlanta’s Tony Shhnow who through hard work has built a prolific catalog and risen to the top of the underground, knocking on the door of the mainstream while cementing himself as a legend within the plugg-music community. The duo came together on one of the best sample-instrumentals I have ever heard in my life that flipped a Stevie Wonder classic that is equal parts mellow and jazzy. Star G4A’s flow is nonchalant and is carried in part by his smooth southern-drawl that propels his lets him glide over the soulful instrumental and is contrasted by Tony’s more energetic flow that allowed him to fully emphasize his streetwise and punchlines. This is truly one of my very favorite songs I have heard in a while and have no doubt it will end up as one of my most played songs personally for 2022.