Float – [6LACK]

6LACK is an artist that I honestly forget about at times, but I can’t explain why because every time I hear his music, I think about just how incredibly talented he truly is. His voice is a spectacle in and of itself, and just his pure knack for making melodies and employing different styles into different songs depending on the production or overall vibe is something that should not only be noted but praised. Atlanta is typically known for its rappers using southern trap style beats, and although 6LACK can use at least similar elements at times, his voice stands out not only in the notoriously famous Hip-Hop city, but it stands out in the entire landscape of the genre.

In order to celebrate his birthday, the Atlanta singer decided to bless fans with a brand-new song entitled “Float” which is a single that is going to be featured on his newly announced EP 6pc Hot, which is set to release later this week. The production on this track utilizes trippy, echoing, and somewhat somber guitar strums, some toned down trap percussion and roaring 808s that oppose his soft-spoken lyrics in such a perfect way. As soon as you hear the first note come out of 6LACK’s mouth, you can feel the solemnity and pain behind his words. This isn’t surprising because he’s known to wear his heart on his sleeve and share every single ounce of emotion within his music, but it still gets me every time. This emotion and passion within his lyrics are a major reason why he’s amassed such a large following because it comes off as being extremely authentic and it almost feels like he’s talking directly to each listener rather than an entire entity of fans. Considering the name of the song, one of the things I found super interesting was the fact that as he’s singing the main part of the chorus, his ad-libs seem to sound as if they’ve been recorded underwater so they’re drowned out, emphasizing the struggles he’s having actually staying afloat, as the hook suggests.

During his verse, he begins with a delivery that starts out powerful and tapers off with every additional word spoken, giving off the impression that he just beats himself up and gets down on himself the more he thinks about these emotions he’s feeling. As the verse progresses, his delivery ends up gaining more strength and consistency, but the pain and struggles he’s going through are still obviously evident, even if you weren’t able to hear the words he’s clearly agonizingly reciting. One of my absolute favorite parts of the entire song is actually during the outro. Obviously the track is beginning to wind down, but some of his vocals are layered in such a way that the main voice is following suit to the style of the rest of the song while the background vocals are sung in a high and even more passionate tone, leveling up the heartache and sorrow that he’s putting into this track. As with many 6LACK songs, he’s going through some obvious emotional distress that’s related to a woman in his life. Furthermore, he talks about their ups and downs together, how he tries to cope with the downs, and how no matter how rich or successful he becomes, he’s always going to be the same person he was before he became such a popular celebrity.

After hearing this single from the ever so talented Atlanta singer, I immediately got excited about his upcoming EP. Not that I wasn’t excited about the prospect of a new project before, but this track just said so much and gave some massive insight for what is to be expected, and I couldn’t anticipate this project any more than I am now. There are few artists who can express the distress and trouble that they feel within their hearts without coming out and explicitly stating these things within their lyrics, and 6LACK does this with the very best of them. We only have a few more days before 6pc Hot is in our laps so until then, make sure you give “Float” a listen and see just how moving and expressive 6LACK is once again on this record.