Flo Milli Drops Dreamy Hit “Never Lose Me” with Lil Yachty Collaboration

Alabama’s own Flo Milli has been making waves all year, and her latest single “Never Lose Me” is no exception. Earlier in the year, the acclaimed rapper teased fans with the announcement of her upcoming album, “Fine Ho, Stay,” a continuation of the beloved “Ho, why is you here?” project. While dropping a series of captivating singles like “Fruit Loop,” “B.T.W,” “Chocolate Rain,” “Hot Box,” and “BGC.” throughout the year, Flo Milli’s recent release has truly set social media on fire.

“Never Lose Me” is a two-minute dreamy escapade that perfectly encapsulates Flo Milli’s distinctive style. The track showcases her signature confidence, and fans have been quick to embrace the captivating narrative she weaves. The song’s dreamy melodies and tight beats create a mesmerizing soundscape, providing the perfect backdrop for Flo Milli’s sharp and dynamic delivery.

What’s even more exciting for fans is the surprise collaboration on an alternate version of “Never Lose Me” featuring none other than Lil Yachty. The unexpected twist adds an extra layer of intrigue to an already infectious track, showcasing Flo Milli’s versatility and her ability to keep listeners on their toes.

“He speed in the Wraith while his hand on my coochie (Yeah) / He touchin’ Emilio Pucci (Uh) / Doin’ good, b*tch, I’m gucci (I’m good) / Fly to Asia, he feedin’ me sushi.”

Press play on “Never Lose Me” below.