Fleeting Inconsequential – [Amaka Queenette]

Amaka Queenette is a 20-year-old Nigerian-born neo-soul artist from Pickering, Ontario. Her alternative genre-defying style of r&b is a breath of fresh air in an r&b soundscape in which a lot of newer acts are starting to sound similar. Amaka’s thoughtful lyrics and her textured vocals work cohesively to evoke feelings of nostalgia in the listener. Amaka’s music reminds you that often melancholy and contentment come from the same source. “Fleeting, Inconsequential” which dropped on April 30, 2020. This project is a follow-up to her debut EP, “Vacant” which released in 2018. Akama teamed up with established Humber college producers, including contemporary R&B guitarist, Justice Der, Amaka has created a wistful, soulful soundscape that is in a lane of its own. Personally “Suffocate” is my favorite cut off of this two-track pack. If you’re a fan of neo-soul and R&B acts such as Dylan Sinclair and Joel then Amaka’s music should feel right at home in your music library.

Stream Amaka Queentte’s two-track pack of singles ‘Fleeting, Inconsequential’ for yourself after the break.