FLAWS – [PRICE] feat. Kota the Friend

Rapper PRICE is back with a brand new single, “FLAWS” featuring Kota the Friend. The self-produced track arrives ahead of his forthcoming album, GOSPEL IN THE GHETTO, due Juneteenth Weekend. “FLAWS” finds PRICE sandwiched between the world and his problems. Over a mellow instrumental, he trades verses with Kota about common everyday struggles like having road rage, being misunderstood, and falling out with friends. The frankness in his delivery is something that everyone can relate to. In fact, this record has the potential to reach new audiences that PRICE has not in the past because everyone has flaws. “I wanted to make a song that was relatable to everyone,” PRICE says. “We all have our flaws, and I wanted to create a space where we could all come together and celebrate our imperfections.” “FLAWS” is the first installment of PRICE’s busy slate of weekly releases. He plans to release a new song every week leading up to the release of GOSPEL IN THE GHETTO. This is a bold move, but it’s one that PRICE is confident in.

Stream PRICE’s new record “FLAWS” for yourself after the break.