I never use the term legend lightly, so when I use it as a descriptor for an artist in any form, I truly believe that they have impacted music in some way or another. While I have been known to describe many musicians as legends, I think that there needs to be a different term for LUCKI because he is just on an entirely different level. The Chicagoan has been in this industry for more than a decade, and when you’re making music for that long without getting any major mainstream looks aside from some articles here or there, it is often looked at as if you’re just trying to hold onto any form of attention that you may have once had.

LUCKI is literally the one exception to this thought process, though, because although I believe he will always be underground, his fanbase is even more loyal and supportive than most mainstream acts you can think of. It’s not that he can’t be mainstream, it’s the fact that it feels like he doesn’t want to be, and that was never the goal in the first place. He has the money, the fame, the respect, and the notoriety, and these things have grown exponentially as he has dropped more releases. This is why I was on the edge of my seat to hear FLAWLESS LIKE ME, LUCKI’s latest full-length album that he has been gearing up towards for months.

Unlike some of his impressive yet quick projects and EPs that may only last a few minutes, this album features 24 songs that reach almost 55 minutes long, impressively exceeding the runtimes that we’ve seen in the past. Along with this abundant album, we are gifted production from a variety of talented hitmakers that LUCKI has worked with in the past like Brent Rambo and Plu2o Nash while also mixing it up and utilizing additional beats from Tay Keith, Bobby Raps, Samsson, Flansie, Mixed Matches, Hurtboy, and more.

The hometown icon is also not known for always working with other emcees on his projects, so he made sure that the only two guests on this album would be people who would bring the heat and cause a commotion, and the fact that these artists were Future and Babyface Ray did exactly what they were intending to do made them the perfect features for this large effort.

Aside from them, the rest of the album is handled entirely by LUCKI, giving him free rein to create however he wants, ultimately leading to a slew of versatile hits that are innovative as well as a handful of nostalgic sounds that first caused us to become fans of his in the first place. The thing I love about LUCKI is the fact that has never and will never sacrifice his own style or persona for anything, regardless of the platform he has or the opportunities at hand, and this leads to the most authentic, genuine music that could ever be dreamt up.

LUCKI (and his fans) have always considered himself flawless, and while that is included in the title of this brand-new album, it feels like it has never been truer than it is while listening to the project. At the end of the day, LUCKI somehow keeps getting better as time goes on, and after more than 10 years in the business, I’m still captivated by the fact that there really doesn’t seem to be a ceiling to his potential. People say the sky’s the limit, but for LUCKI, he has already reached the sky and surpassed that limit, making every release unforgettable, especially FLAWLESS LIKE ME!