Flawed – [Wale] feat. [Gunna]

Seeing as Wale is someone who I consider one of the best in his class, and one of the most underrated artists of this era, new Wale releases will always excite me. Being one of the most versatile lyricists and overall hitmaker, Wale never fails to deliver top-tier quality music. After the success of his 2019 album Wow…That’s Crazy, and the ever impactful and fitting visuals to his song “Sue Me”, Wale seems to be gearing up to release yet once again. It’s been over a year since his last album, and artists are already gearing up for their 2021 run. That said, Wale is back with a brand new single and visual to accompany it–“Flawed” featuring Gunna.

Not going to lie, when I saw a picture circulating of Wale and Gunna in the studio, I wasn’t sure what to expect. While Wale can adapt to any vibe and deliver, the vibes set on “Flawed” is right in the pocket where Wale is most comfortable in. The song itself speaks on the idea of ridding those from his life that no longer serve a purpose to him. Whether that be a love interest, fake friends, disloyal homies, so on and so forth. “Everybody flawed, I could never need you/ain’t nobody God” Wale harmonizes throughout the chorus–elaborating on the fact that nobody is perfect and makes mistakes, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t quick to cut off negative energy. One of the biggest standouts here is the guest verse that Gunna delivers here. When we all think of Gunna, we all know the pocket that he is most comfortable in. On “Flawed” however, Wale brings Gunna into his realm and he shines every step of the way. This feature makes the song that much more authentic and amazing, as it feels more of a collaborative effort rather than just a verse swap. While uncredited in the song, there is also a “verse” from Young Thug here at the end of the record that ends abruptly after 4 bars.

While this has been a crazy year to say the least, I still applaud the artists that have been delivering at the best quality despite the current circumstances. The crisp song quality, top-notch visuals and all–theres something to be said about the artists that have been continuing to put their best foot forward during these times. While no release date or even speculation is been said about a future Wale album, it’s safe to assume that one is in the works. Until then, we have this amazing record to enjoy.

Watch the visuals for Wale’s new single ft. Gunna below!