FKI 1ST – Sleeping With Shoes On

Hailing out of Los Angeles,  FKi 1st and SWSO teamed up to deliver the perfect project titled sleeping with shoes on. While FKi is an accomplished producer best known for his platinum viral hit “White Iverson,” by Post Malone, “Work,” “Bring It Back,” and many others, he is ready to introduce himself as an artist. The 13-track project is inspired by the idea of creating music that allows listeners to feel free.

“Sleeping with shoes on, composed of myself and SWSO, met on a rainy spring day in Los Angeles. The idea behind the album was born out of a desire to create a unique sound that would combine the essence of relaxation, tranquility, lofi, and Atlanta trap, coining the genre lofye,” he explained. “We wanted to explore the concept of creating music that would help listeners unwind and let go of their worries, almost like falling asleep with shoes still on. I would say this rainy month in Los Angeles was definitely a huge inspiration.”

The songs on this project are characterized by its dreamy and ethereal quality. The music is influenced by various genres, including jazz, soul, and hip hop, and infused with a laid-back vibe that makes it perfect for lazy afternoons, late-night drives, or even as a background soundtrack for work or study.

When it comes to sleeping with shoes on, stwo wants fans to understand that “With our album, FKi 1st and I wanted to produce a unique vibe that would help listeners unwind and let go. Our goal was to explore a sound that could create feeling and emotion around the concept of being present in our daily lives, rather than simply going through the motions. We hope that our music inspires listeners to slow down and appreciate the little things in life, rather than getting caught up in the stress of daily routines and current events.”