Fix The Mic – [TLE Cinco]

Alabama rapper TLE Cinco has risen to the forefront of a densely packed and truly talented southern rap scene, but while his home state may induce many negative connotations TLE Cinco has proven himself to be not only one of the most unique rappers out, but also one of the most willing to experiment. The south as a whole has always been synonymous with being behind the curve as far as what is en vogue and historically has always adapted to culture rather than influencing it, and this precedent is what makes TLE Cinco’s movement so potent to me.

Armed with BarryAutoo and his brother Barnotez, Cinco easily has two of the most experimental producers at his side and their instrumentals are only rivaled by a very slim number of others. Their beats are stripped back and disjointed, for example, BarryAutoo and Barnotez produced Cinco’s biggest hit to date, “Check Dis” which featured an eerie melody that was simultaneously futuristic and electronic and is easily one of my favorite songs of the entire year. “Scratch That” is an even more avant-garde example and it is one of the more scattered and asymmetrical beats that I have heard regardless of geography or niche style. \

Most recently BarryAutoo produced Cinco’s maniacal and stripped-back track “Fix The Mic” that also features Cinco exhibiting every ounce of his rapping ability and his flow is unique and inspired and he left listeners with a number of simultaneously witty and clever bars that make this tune all the more exciting. I cannot wait to see what the trio of TLE Cinco, BarryAutoo, and Barnotez are capable of going forwards and I think the future of Alabama rap is very, very bright.