First Whip (Drive Me Wild) – [Clew]

Scrolling through my Twitter feed earlier today, I got hip to an artist by the name of Clew and his addictive single, “First Whip (Drive Me Wild)”. Graced with an unforgettable, sun-soaked energy and a set of lyrics that will surely resonate with a wide scale of listeners, this song immediately struck me as a soon-to-be hit. Thanks to Clew’s lovable personality and endlessly catchy hooks, it truly is reaching this trajectory — a path of success that arrives well-deserved for an artist who comes off as so true to both himself and the galvanizing presence that he possesses when on the mic.  That said, I could go on about this one all day, but just know that”First Whip (Drive Me Wild)” is something special. Watch the energetic music video at the link below and follow Clew on Twitter here!