first order of business – [Baby Keem]

I know I’ve pretty much posted every music video and accompanying release of Baby Keem’s since he released the melodic blue last week, but the simple truth is the fact that I’m not even close to tired of this album, and I don’t think fans are either. It’s my personal favorite album of the year so far, and while I don’t think that’s a controversial opinion, at this point, his music videos are only bringing this project to new heights due to their creativity and abstract nature, so until I’m forced to stop writing about his releases, I’m going to keep covering them for as long as I can.

While I have trouble pinpointing exactly what my favorite song on the album is, I was blown away by his song “first order of business” because it’s finally a song in hip-hop that doesn’t flex about his own personal riches and wealth, but it speaks on how he wants to use his fortune to take care of his family and the ones that mean the most to him, and that’s the endearing part of music that doesn’t get enough attention whatsoever. Luckily, we actually received a Dave Free-directed music video that opens with Keem sitting in a chair in the middle of an interview where he reveals that his favorite trait in a woman is loyalty.

He also ends up detailing how his first order of business was buying his grandmother a home when he made his first million dollars, which he follows through with in the most incredible way. From here, the song begins, and a scene unfolds as Keem walks out of a ribbon-decorated home to greet a woman who I believe is supposed to portray his grandmother as a red “sold” stamp is shown on the “for sale” sign of the house.

From here, he hangs out in and around the home with his girl before heading back to the interview where he says his one goal of his is to make the people around him happy. Eventually, he heads to the dessert where he cruises around in a Porsche alongside his girl, letting the wind flow into the car prior to the sun going down, leading to the couple parking and enjoying a raging bonfire in the middle of the sand-filled oasis.

Finally, things end on a nice and wholesome note as real-life footage is shown of the moment that Keem actually brought his grandma to the house he bought for her and surprised her, giving us a very emotional and heartwarming culmination to this all-around positive record. While the music video for “first order of business” might be a bit less abstract when compared to his others, it’s one of my personal favorites just because of how meaningful and honest it is, making it a visual you’re going to want to tune into as soon as you find some time.