First Baptist – [Pac Div]

Six years after delivering their sophomore album GMB, Pac Div are back from their hiatus to deliver “First Baptist.” The soulful new record is characterized by a subtle, even-keeled instrumental that beautifully samples The Association’s 1967 hit “Never My Love.” The long overdue return of the SoCal hip-hop trio isn’t a raucous one, but apparently, they have plenty of “heaters” on their upcoming album. In a 2017 interview with DJBooth, producer Like teased fans that the album was complete: “It’s done, it’s about to come out. We’re thinking springtime…Man, we’re excited. There’s a lot of high energy songs. It’s like we never left.” Given the group’s knack for blending unique styles, there’s no reason to think that their new project won’t have the same intensity and flavorful production as their first two efforts. “First Baptist” is certainly a more reserved return to form for the group, but it still offers plenty in the way of story-telling from Like, Mibbs, and BeYoung, who address everything from the materialistic impulses of their rap peers to religion and body positivity. Check out the track below, and let us know if you’re excited for the full-fledged return of Pac Div.

Words by Luke Hinz