Firefly – [Don Don]

Don Don is a professional Call of Duty player and Twitch streamer who has recently turned his attention to music. His debut single, “Firefly,” is a hard-hitting, hypnotic ode to success. The song is similar in style to underground rappers Autumn, Summrs, and Dom Corleo. It features a dark, atmospheric beat and Don Don’s signature raspy vocals. The song starts off with slow, climatic production that builds slowly in intensity. Don Don’s vocals enter the mix, and he immediately sets the tone for the song. I believe we’ll see more streamers and gamers step into the music space as we see more and more people do it with success. Some of the more notable streamers to become rappers are DDG who started off on YouTube. Another collective that derived from the streamer space is the YBN rappers Cordae, Nahmir, and Almighty Jay who decided to use their platforms to catapult their music careers.

Stream Don Don’s new single “Firefly” in its entirety after the break.