Finesse the Beat- [Blueface]

Blueface took the world by storm this past year with his new take on classic West Coast beats. The aggressive nature of his voice brings the energy of every single one of his songs through the roof and fans couldn’t get enough of him. One of the main things that people noticed was the fact that his flows were never really on pace with his beats, something that some would say is a problem of his and others would consider a strength.

He plays along with this joke on his latest single “Finesse the Beat”, where he raps about almost mistakenly finding the rhythm of the instrumental. The beat is minimal with piano dominant notes, which isn’t uncharacteristic of the West Coast phenom, and allows Blueface to get his point across clearly and intentionally. He brings his assertive delivery once again on this hit, making it seem as if he’s mad but having fun with these off-beat accusations at the same time. It’s doubtful that Blueface’s debut album with see the light of day before the end of the year, but “Finesse the Beat” and all of his other hits from throughout the year should be able to hold fans over a little longer. Check out the new track below.

Words by Danny Adams